End Point Group

So far all the fabric nodes have been discovered (VTEPs are assigned) and access policies have been created (port speed, cdp, lldp and other leaf port properties). Now, we are ready to assign the ownership of leaf ports to EPGs.

EPG classification can be based on:

  • Access (untagged) = Access VLAN
  • Source IP address
  • Trunk = Trunk
  • Access (802.1p) = Native VLAN
VLAN classification

In this lab, we will use VLAN as an EPG classifier. Therefore, we will need to create a VLAN pool

VLAN Pool Creation

When you create a VLAN pool, it is a good practice to set allocation mode to dynamic.

VLAN allocation mode

Then when you add an encap block, you can choose either static or dynamic. In that way, you will have flexibility to add both dynamic and static encap blocks. Dynamic encap blocks are used for Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) domain.

VLAN allocation mode

Make sure VLAN pools do not have overlapping vlans. The reason is that ACI floods STP Bridge Protocol Data Units (BPDUs) to the VXLAN network identifier (VNID) assigned to the FD VLAN. VNID is assigned through the VLAN pool so encapsulation has to be part of same VLAN pool to be in part of same STP domain. Otherwise STP BPDU can be dropped by ACI.

Static binding

We can statically classify EPG by assigning an encap vlan on leaf ports. In below example, port eth1/1 on leaf103 is statically bound with encap vlan 100. That means any incoming traffic with vlan tag 100 is classified as EPG “tshoot-epg”.

Static binding
leaf103# show endpoint
 s - arp              O - peer-attached    a - local-aged       S - static
 V - vpc-attached     p - peer-aged        M - span             L - local
 B - bounce           H - vtep
      VLAN/                           Encap           MAC Address       MAC Info/       Interface
      Domain                          VLAN            IP Address        IP Info
8                                          vlan-100    0050.5696.609a L                      eth1/1
tshoot:tshoot-vrf                          vlan-100 L                      eth1/1
overlay-1                                         L                         lo0
3/overlay-1                          vxlan-16777209    d8b1.9061.1e65 L                     eth1/46

leaf103# show vlan id 8

 VLAN Name                             Status    Ports
 ---- -------------------------------- --------- -------------------------------
 8    tshoot:tshoot-ap:tshoot-epg      active    Eth1/1

 VLAN Type  Vlan-mode
 ---- ----- ----------
 8    enet  CE

 leaf103# show system internal epm vlan 8

   VLAN ID    Type      Access Encap     Fabric    H/W id  BD VLAN    Endpoint
                        (Type Value)     Encap                          Count
 8            FD vlan 802.1Q        100 8192       7      7          1

In above example, encap vlan-100 has been mapped to ACI platform independent (PI) vlan 8 which is mapped to vxlan-8192.


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